DIY Divorce Software & The Family Law Industry……

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Let’s get to that DIY Divorce Software!

  • Rosen Law Firm website in North Carolina advertises DIY software with numerous features for all kinds of life situations that looks extremely appealing (1). Currently, this DIY software is advertised as $199/month or $995/year (1). This seems like an incredible bargain to me.
  • Legal Atoms website for Washington state residents made news in 2020 for helping people not only with divorces but specifically with various types of protective orders. The prices currently listed on their website range from $0 to $900. I did a video review while exploring the Legal Atoms website and this video review can be found here.
Legal Atoms Video Review
  • Legal Zoom appears to offer a DIY divorce software system in multiple U.S. states that seems to also focus on an “uncontested divorce” but I could not locate the price (5).


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